Geodynamo by Sakuraba and Roberts (2009)

Here we introduce the calculation result of the geodynamo simulation model by Sakuraba and Roberts (2009).

The period of this result corresponds to about 8000 years of real time. It is similar time span as 7000 years geomagnetic secular variation models from paleomagnetic data. Of course there are many differences between these two models, one is from supercomputer simulation resembling the Earth, the other is from real paleomagnetic dataset which has incomplete data quality and amount and site distributions. However, this simulation model indicates the most important signature of the Earth's magnetic field that dipole field (like a bar magnet) is outstanding.

Screenshot: click to zoom up: Magnetic field lines and contour of inclination with low-degree Gauss coefficients
geodynamo model by Sakuraba & Roberts (2009)

Sakuraba, A. and P. H. Roberts, Generation of a strong magnetic field using uniform heat flux at the surface of the core, Nature Geoscience, DOI: 10.1038/NGEO643, 2009.

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