Geodynamo simulation models on GE

The real geomagnetic field is generated by dynamo process driven in the outer core in which molten liquid metal is convecting. The process of the dynamo in the Earth is very complecated. Physical equations governing the process are
. equation of fluid dynamics
. equation of electro-magnetism
. equation of energy and thermodynamics
. equation of materials
and we have to solve and foward-calculate these equations simultaneously when we want to get understanding. The physical processes of geomagnetic dynamo have been known since 1950s, however, they became to be calculated them with supercomputers in mid-1990s. Now reseachers on geodynamo have developed the simulation models in order to bring close to the real Earth.

Here we introduce two dynamo models, steady and drastic, with using KML files. Do you think whether those simulations like the field models from real data or not?

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