Direction changes in Japan during past 2ky

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Secular variation model by Shibuya(1980)

Shibuya (1980) compiled archeomagnetic data from Japan and made a secular variation curve on I-D dimension.

Last 400 years field
horizontal axis = declination (positive value shows eastward), vertial axis = inclination (positive value shows downward),

Direction of geomagnetic field has changed such as above figure during the past 2000 years. So, project this dataset on the surface of Google Earth globe as a unit sphere.

Last 400 years field
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This is so different in region of steeper inclination from plot on a plane shown in figure above.

KML file:

Shibuya H., Geomagnetic secular variation in Southwest Japan for the past 2,000 years by means of archaeomagnetism, M.E. thesis, Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University, pp. 54, 1980.

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