How about MAGE

MAGE is a project to provide tools for helping intuitive understanding of geomagnetic field (geomagnetism).

Targets of this project are,

However, our first motivation is very simple, "it seems interesting that the geomagnetic field lines are drawn on Google Earth and it's moving!"

We have a strict constraint on this project following,

Therefore, we use Google Earth for plotting framework, because it is free, widely spread and working on multi-plathome (Windows, Mac OS and Linux, may be workable on iPhone and Android in the future). Now we release KML files, drawing geomagnetic field lines and contours of observable components on Google Earth.

This project started April, 2007 in Okayama University of Science, Japan.

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Copyright: The MAGE Project Team & Tadahiro Hatakeyama, Information Processing Center, Okayama University of Science, Japan